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Please see what my clients have to say about me below.

Mykhailo is a precise and flexible translator who can not only deliver translations but also adjacent services. He understands the business reasons why you order translations. When he worked on translating our EULA into Russian, and then he also helped to back-translate the customer’s suggestions. In a legal document like this, it is crucial that nothing slips through, and he helped us in ensuring it.
István Lengyel | COO, Kilgray Translation Technologies
During my work with Mykhailo, I found him to be an extremely capable translator. He provided us with high quality work every time, and his professionalism and communication were second to none. I definitely recommend Mykhailo to anyone seeking financial and marketing translation services.
Leon Pieters | Localization Manager, UFXMarkets
I have known Mykhailo since December 2008 when I initially contacted him for translation jobs. Since then, Mykhailo has completed several translations from English into Russian and Ukrainian as well as from Russian and Ukrainian into English of various patent applications, patent office actions and responses to office actions. I am very satisfied with the quality and promptitude of his work. All the translations have been executed at a very high professional level and are impeccable as far as the Russian, Ukrainian and English languages. I would not hesitate to recommend Mykhailo Voloshko taking into consideration his expertise, professionalism and diligence in this area. Please feel free to contact me directly should additional information be required, at e-mail:
Ludwig Chekhovtsov | Managing Patent Attorney
Mykhailo has done an excellent job translating an electrical/mechanical patent into Ukrainian for filing. Great work, no problems.
Robert Kloiber | Managing Director, Academy Translations
Mykhailo Voloshko is an excellent translator, a real expert in mining terminology. He helped me to translate and proofread several very specialised texts. I always contact him when I need a terminologist well familiar with technical language.
Andrei Gerasimov | PhD, member of ATA, ITI & UTR
Mykhailo timely provided high quality translation services for a technical project. Besides his mastery of both Ukrainian and English languages, he is knowledgeable in formatting and makes sure the documents delivered to the Client are of highest standard possible. It’s been pleasure working with Mykhailo and we will definitely employ him again in the future.
Tamara von Schmidt-Pauli | Prime Language Services
A pleasure to work with. Always provides quality translations in a timely fashion.
Amanda Summerlin | Apex Translations, Inc., USA
Mykhailo is a highly professional, accurate translator with a wide general knowledge. His English is excellent! I recommend him highly.
Marilie van der Walt | Language Inc.
  • For you to get a better idea of my experience and expertise, I have prepared a unique translation portfolio without disclosing any confidential information of my clients. You will see major fields, types of documents, and brands with description in English.

  • Technical

    Power generation
    Operation manuals, service instructions, and specifications for combined heat and power (CHP), electric power and district heating, gas and steam turbines, booster compressor station, etc.

    Marketing materials, press releases, brochures, operation manuals, and service instructions for such brands as Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Honda, Subaru, Volvo, Renault, Skoda, Caterpillar, NTM, and TANA.

    User guides, tender documents, software overviews, purchase documentation, and proof of concepts for such brands as ECI Telecom, VympelKom, OAO Amdocs, Mobile TeleSystems OJSC (MTS), Ectel Motorola Ericsson.

    I have participated in a few huge translation projects, such as Turkmengas project (100,000 words) and Khabarovsk refinery (315,000 words), and translated certificates of compliance, electrical data sheets, mechanical data sheets, motor data sheets, specifications, technical data, evaluation forms, loads sheets, stress analysis reports and checklists, commissioning procedures, operating instructions.

    Fire safety
    Certification test reports, fire safety certificates, certificates of compliance, operation and maintenance manuals, data sheets for gas fire extinguishing modules and batteries, directional valves, bladder tanks, and CO2 low-pressure systems; flame and gas detector user manuals and certificates.

    Post-installation surveys, site preparation guides, operator training courses, user guides, and marketing materials, and printing press software.

  • Legal

    I have translated a number of agreements, contracts, and other legal documents, such as share purchase agreement, underwriting agreement, sales and purchase agreement, loan agreement, memorandum of association, shareholders agreement, client services agreement, master services agreement, non-revolving credit line agreement, paid services agreement, power of attorney, and EULAs.

  • Patents

    Patents can be included in technical, legal, and military translations. However, I list them as a separate item, because patents use specific language and terminology.


    I have translated a number of patent claims, preliminary conclusions, and comments on claims for anaerobic fuels, water treatment, fuel composition, conveyor belt system, reactive armor, etc.

  • Security, law enforcement, and military

    Perimeter protection, intrusion detection, CCTV & IVA systems, gateway and entry monitoring, executive protection, due diligence & surveillance, nuclear material transportation, offshore surveillance, mobile forensic solution, walk-through metal detectors, night vision devices, UAV, armored vehicles, reactive armor, loitering munition, guns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, grenade launchers; defence, space & security, space and satellite systems, intelligence and security systems, etc.

  • Software and apps

    I have localized a number of Android / iOS / Windows applications and other types of software, including instant messengers, video conferencing software, data governance solution, printing press software, grammar and spell checker, technical analysis app, etc.

  • Transcreation

    I have provided a number of creative adaptations for marketing campaigns and TV ads, seen in magazines, on billboards, and on TV in the Russian and Ukrainian markets. I transcreated/copyedited copy for such brands as Coca-Cola, Pringles, Nestea, Heinz, Weber, P&G, SC Johnson, Colgate-Palmolive, Domestos, Durex, Lenor, AVON, Lenovo, ASUS, HP, Epson, Mattel, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Huawei, Castrol, CAT, Siemens, Philips, Scholl, Duracell, GoPro, Strepsils, OneTouch, Otrivin, Montblanc, Tiffany, Dalmore and more.

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