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In my translator's portfolio, I included such fields as technical, legal, patent, military translation, software localization, and creative adaptation (so called transcreation). I also mentioned my successful experience in finacial and medical translation. Today, I'd like to add two more fileds in which you can count on my expertise.

Having educational background, I have translated a number of large projects concerning e-learning and education, use of enhanced technology, software, apps, and devices in modern classrooms. In particular, I translated a part of Microfost Education content. Thus, you can have your education related materials translated by a professional translator with a educational background who also worked as a professor for eight years.

You can also entrust me with the sports related translation. Being an active athlete, I participated in several sports translation projects. Perhaps, my favorite was the one for Zumba. Because it posed a number of creative and translation specific challenges. I translated some of their web-site content and Zumba fitness instructor training materials for the local markets. Their copywriters did their best to stuff the copy with many creative puns, and I managed to adapt them for the target audience.


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